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Francesca Ruffini. Time well spent.

A day with her takes you out of the ordinary. Not just because of the breathtaking Como landscapes and the way she arranged her life there, but primarily due to the full, uninterrupted attention she gives you, her curiosity and wisdom. The simplest things – that are the most precious. Sit down with your afternoon …

Maria Zakrzewska. Journey of Influence.

In this insightful interview, Maria reflects on the diverse influences that have shaped her into the person she is today. From the cherished memories of her childhood, the impact of her profession as a model, to the transformative power of language, travel, and self-discovery, Maria shares her journey with warmth and authenticity. As a co-founder of the sustainable brand MAWO, she also delves into the aspirations and challenges that come with building a transparent and eco-conscious business alongside her partner, Sergiusz.

Neuroscience of touch | LAST skincare | Journal

Neuroscience of touch

Caressing, stroking, massaging, tickling, hugging… Strangely open as it sounds, I love to experience touch. Its different forms help me to wind down, relieve negative emotions, restore inner balance or evoke pleasure. However, it only happens when the toucher is someone I approve. If any sensory cues, including the visual, olfactory or environmental ones, remind …

Małgorzata Szumowska foR LAST Skincare

Małgorzata Szumowska. Immersed in her work, unconditionally.

Tackling important social issues, delving into human emotions, bringing the unique blend of sacred and the profane to popular culture. She is not only a prominent voice in the world of filmmaking, but a cultural icon and a role model – admired and aspired to, for her vibrant embrace of life. Going all in – Małgorzata Szumowska.

Overtraining, over-dieting, overthinking – how much self-care is enough?

Overtraining, over-dieting, overthinking – how much self-care is enough?

If you could choose, how long would you be willing to wait for the results of your efforts? Probably not that long, am I right? When we want things, we want them fast and long-lasting. The urge of achievement often triggers us to pushing, reducing, repeating, refusing, obsessing over and over again and paradoxically doesn’t take us even a single step closer  to health, balance and happiness. Effects of misinterpreted self-care can do us a lot of harm, and the only thing they have in common with the dream results is that unfortunately they can last very long. 

When the stress shows

When the stress shows

Misfortunes never come singly. Is that why my skin tends to get bad every time a major stress kicks in to my life? I think the reason might be a bit more complex than the accuracy of this old proverb but it’s hard not to notice the regularity. Even if I try to eat well, sleep enough and pay attention to my everyday beauty routine, stress always shows And demonstrates the victory on the surface of my skin. The good news is that if there is a pattern, there must be a way to break it. 

Can we press the reset button on our DNA

Skin, the burning problem

Among all the possible challenges a teenager can face, bad skin was the one (the only one, in fact) I was spared from. „Well, at least I have a great skin” even became my inside joke I told myself repeatedly to compensate the bitterness that came with growing so fast I became 15 cm taller than all the boys I liked over one summer vacation. Early in my 20s I thought I would never have to question my skin’s condition, nor to feel bad about it. Oh, the beauty of wishful thinking. 

The need for a pharmacological approach in skincare: perspectives in skin health status, LAST skincare

The need for a pharmacological approach in skincare: perspectives in skin health status

Introduction There is no doubt that skin is our largest organ in human body and the one that interfaces with the environment. In fact, skin is the first tissue that encounters the vital and toxic substances of the nature and environment. Although todays blast of advertisement and social media promote the skincare as an important …

The art of happiness

The more I learn about happiness, the more I realize it’s not possible to feel it all the time. Surprisingly it is a good thing, because it turns out every extreme emotional state comes with a price. The good news is that we can learn to regulate the frequency and intensity of happiness by making the right choices. This is the knowledge I appreciate the most on my bad days – just like the one I’m having today.

Neurocosmetics – improving your skin, mood and well-being

NEUROCOSMETICS? Yes. The best thing to recover from the crazy 2020.

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