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Unlocking the secrets of skin health with functional medicine – and Dr. Will Cole

While skincare is about treating the symptoms, we are much more into solving the root causes. Like with neurocosmetics – slowing down accelerated aging in skin and increasing tissue regeneration – the Functional Medicine focuses on identifying and addressing the underlying causes of illness and disease, rather than simply treating symptoms.

Neuroscience of touch

Neuroscience of touch

Caressing, stroking, massaging, tickling, hugging… Strangely open as it sounds, I love to experience touch. Its different forms help me to wind down, relieve negative emotions, restore inner balance or evoke pleasure. However, it only happens when the toucher is someone I approve. If any sensory cues, including the visual, olfactory or environmental ones, remind …

Can we press the reset button on our DNA

Skin, the burning problem

Among all the possible challenges a teenager can face, bad skin was the one (the only one, in fact) I was spared from. „Well, at least I have a great skin” even became my inside joke I told myself repeatedly to compensate the bitterness that came with growing so fast I became 15 cm taller than all the boys I liked over one summer vacation. Early in my 20s I thought I would never have to question my skin’s condition, nor to feel bad about it. Oh, the beauty of wishful thinking. 

The art of happiness

The more I learn about happiness, the more I realize it’s not possible to feel it all the time. Surprisingly it is a good thing, because it turns out every extreme emotional state comes with a price. The good news is that we can learn to regulate the frequency and intensity of happiness by making the right choices. This is the knowledge I appreciate the most on my bad days – just like the one I’m having today.

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