Healing your skin.
Balancing your mind.



Plant & science based
healthy aging skincare

Neurocosmetics influencing skin well-being

Slowing down the aging process on the cellular level, targeting chronic inflammation and accelerating tissue regeneration – we’re going deep through the cutaneous nervous system, where our plant extracts can diminish cortisol by 60-80% and increase 4-times the level of beta endorphins in skin (clinically confirmed in in vitro tests).

Old wisdom & modern science

Gathering the knowledge and ingredients from all around the world, from Japan to Brazil – we derive from different cultures, different times and heritages, building on raw materials that have been used centuries ago for healing wounds, enhancing them with the cutting edge biomimetic peptides, coenzymes, vitamins from world’s R&D laboratories.

Clinically proven high performance

Profound dermatology tests, application tests and apparatus tests with measurement confirm the outstanding efficiency of our formulations. From diminishing wrinkles, increasing skin elasticity, hydration and TEWL, minimalising pigmentation and texture problems, to positively influencing hormones in skin – all confirmed by hard evidence and numbers in independent, certified laboratories.

This is your time. Make it LAST

LAST philosophy is all about you and your comfort. The physical comfort influences your mental wellbeing – and the other way round. A fragile balance, so easy to break.

Our goal was to create a formula that will bring your skin to the best possible condition. We’ve reached to the heart of Africa, Asia and Amazon jungle for wound healing resin extracts of frankincense, myrrh and copaiba – and to the best R&D laboratories in Japan, Germany and France for valuable vitamins, antioxidants, coenzymes, tetrapeptides and peptides. This is how our flagship product – Skin Repair Serum – was born. A complete formula, medically proven to fight free radicals, increase skin’s elasticity and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. A solution to heal your skin, clear your mind and empower you to wholefully enjoy your life. Here and now.

LAST_skincare_Skin Repair Serum_age brings wisdom, wisdom brings self esteem

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