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These cosmetics are the best thing that happened to me recently. At my prime time, when I am finally myself – a mature woman sure that she is attractive – above all – to herself! A woman I dreamed to become when I was still a young girl. The serum, its smell, consistency and what it does to the skin is amazing: color, hydration and even tension, everything changes in favor. What I like the most is that it’s just one cosmetic that I use for the whole face and neck. I never believed in a large number of different cosmetics. And the amazing toner and facial cleansing gel all together make my skin natural and healthy. I don’t need makeup, I don’t need to beautify myself!


I’ve shied away from skincare products for the majority of my life, because the idea of putting chemically loaded products on my skin, promising fairytale results doesn’t inspire me. What truly inspires me though, are the products and the ethos of LAST Skincare. Here is a company which not only celebrates our unique and beautiful selves, but also offers gentle products brimming with the most powerful natural ingredients. I’ve not used anything else on my face for over a year now because my skin thanks me every morning with a glow I’ve found from no other product.


I must say the serum already became my favourite beauty routine. It makes taking care of my face so easy, with just one product my skin looks radiant, firmer and super hydrated (and considering how dehydrated it tends to get I feel I’v found a real gem). I love the transparency and honesty brand shows regarding the effect but I feel Skin Repair Serum offers even more than promised.

Marzena Jarczak on LAST Skin Repair Serum \ Healthy aging skincare | Unconditional Treatment | Antiaging Treatment | Antiaging skincare | Antiaging Serum | Neurocosmetics

I love the way my skin looks and feels now, it’s much smoother, toned. My pigmentation spots are almost invisible, I see less wrinkles, the skin looks so fresh, calm and relaxed. I love the effect but also the whole application process – it smells so empowering, sometimes I just cannot wait till the evening to put it on my face again. My friends notice I look better, I get many compliments, it all feels really good.


After two bottles, I can say I am already addicted to the serum. I love everything about this product, the way it smells, the colour, the delicate golden glow it leaves on my skin. The effects are astonishing, the skin became soft, smooth, plump, I look and feel healthy! I cannot imagine going back to the regular creams ever again. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this product!


LAST skin care products are truly amazing! Serum and Toner are my favourites. Beside the smell that I loooove, it really gives my skin glow and hydration. I use that serum at night, and it’s so rich that I don’t need anything more!


I get so many compliments on my skin and having run out for only two weeks, I really notice my skin not being as illuminated and bouncy. It’s really a beautiful, beautiful product!


As a beauty editor, I have tried many skincare products that, far from improving my skin, made it worse. I have always looked for that special product, that melts into my skin and I can almost see how it works little by little. That its smell turns the routine of taking care of yourself into an ultra sensory act that goes beyond mitigating wrinkles. And today I can say that Last Skincare Skin Repair Serum has achieved it. Incredible texture, light but nourishing, a spectacular smell and an effect on the skin is… Wow! C-O-N-G-R-A-T-U-L-A-T-I-O-N-S

Clara Buedo about LAST Skin Repair Serum | Neurocosmetics | Unconditional Treatment | Antiaging Treatment | Antiaging Serum

I have normal skin and I love this, so luxurious and moisturizing. My face feels so soft in the morning when I use this at night. This serum is not greasy and does not clog my pores. Wish it was cheaper but I have repurchased and will continue to repurchase nonetheless.


I have very sensitive, prone to allergies skin, so unless my work forces me to, I don’t like to change or test new products. The serum was recommended to me by a make-up artist Iza Kućmierowska whose skin looks great and actually looks much “younger”. It was love at first sight! Starting from the original scent that is very plant and fresh, to the feeling of really deep hydration. The rich texture is absorbed very quickly and gives the skin an amazing glow with which I wake up in the morning and often I don’t need to apply a day cream. I have only been using this serum for a year as a bedtime treatment and it adapts to my needs regardless of the season. A huge plus for a plant-based alternative to retinol. A definite must have for people who don’t like using a lot of products, this one bottle has it all.

Maddie Kulicka about LAST Skin Repair Serum | LAST Skincare | Neurocosmetics | Antiaging treatment | Antiaging skincare | antiaging

Best skincare product ever. Nothing else has ever made my face look so good. I have dull, thin, acne prone skin with post pregnancy melasma in under eye areas – this product literally diminished all discolouration by 70-80% and gave my skin that healthy glow. For the very first time in my life I can go out with absolutely no foundation or bb cream on my face.


I’m so happy to discover this product, thanks to my friend Tomek. First the smell of frankincense, neroli, moss and wood – very refreshing and calming, the texture – very delicate and light that makes your skin glowing through the day. Well done Last ❤️❤️

Irina Marie on LAST Skin Repair Serum | Healthy aging skincare | Unconditional Treatment | Neurocosmetics | Antiaging skincare | Antiaging treatment | Antiaging serum

After few weeks with LAST serum I must say it brings a lovely results for my skin! I love the smell, consistence and the fact I can really see the results after application. LAST is definately one of this brands that will make you feel special- beautiful design bottle, great and natural ingredients and really seeable results!

Iza Kućmierowska on LAST Skin Repair Serum | LAST skincare | Healthy aging skincare | Unconditional Treatment | Antiaging Treatment | Antiaging Serum |Anti aging skincare | Neurocosmetics

I fell in love with the unique LAST serum from the first moment. A wonderful, incense fragrance that affects the senses won my heart. It’s poetry. It’s a luxury. It is a total, natural change in the approach to care. My skin is firm, has a beautiful warm shade and glow. I feel beautiful! LOVE

Dorota Kuć about LAST Skin Repair Serum | Neurocosmetics | Unconditional treatment | Antiaging treatment | Antiaging serum | Psychodermatology | Luxury skincare | Premium skincare

LAST is very different to everything that I used before. It’s the scent, the color, the texture of it. When I apply it the skin reacts immediately. After a few moments you can feel softness under your fingers. I’m a face model and its very important for me, not to overwhelm my skin with too many products.

Mark, 44

LAST, for me, is a philosophy of women supporting women with purifying the skin and the soul. As long as I use them, products provide me relief for the skin and help to reduce inflammation and stressors by soothing the mind. My everyday skincare routine with the LAST skin repair serum is my favourite part of the day as it calms me down and balances my mindset. Feeling moisturising and nourishing my skin with LAST products gives me energy as well as positive wellbeing.

I recommend it to all types of skin and gender who want to bring out their natural beauty without any effort.

Julia Hanczewska about LAST Skin Repair Serum | Unconditional Treatment | Healthy aging skincare | Antiaging skincare | Antiaging serum
Marta Urbańska about LAST Skin Repair Serum | Unconditional Treatment | Antiaging treatment | Neurocosmetics | Antiaging serum

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