We won’t change your life, but your skin

In the world filled with too many skincare brands, with all the super-powerful- ultimate-skin-boosting product names and big promises of magical rejuvenation, there comes this last product you will need.

Nature is our source, knowledge is our technology, culture is our vibe

We follow the modern lightness of lifestyle. The curiosity of the world makes us derive from different cultures, different times and heritages, from Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, as well as the latest scientific discoveries.

We’ve started the journey with ingredients used centuries ago for healing wounds: frankincense, myrrh and copaiba. At last, the heart of our skincare are precious extracts from resins, seeds, leaves, roots, barks, fruits and flowers of different trees, plants and moss. We source them pure and raw, from sustainable, local plantations in Africa, Asia, Europe and Amazon jungle. They are enriched with biomimetic peptides, tetrapeptides, vitamins, ceramides, coenzymes in our laboratory in Poland.

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LAST_skincare_Skin Repair Serum_age brings wisdom, wisdom brings self esteem

Smart  choices are cool at last

Unlike the number of entries on the menu in a good restaurant, the list of LAST cosmetics ingredients is long. Sourced from different corners of the world, they enable for powerful synergies – unreachable for products with just water and two leaves. It’s chemistry.

LAST is about the unconditional treatment. The uncompromising skincare. Performance-driven, results-oriented, with clinically proven, and measured, efficiency. From diminishing wrinkles, increasing skin elasticity, hydration and TEWL, minimizing pigmentation and texture problems, to positively influencing hormones in skin – all confirmed by hard evidence and numbers in independent, certified laboratories.

Back to the future : neurocosmetics

When it comes to skin aging, we want to treat the root cause, not only cover the symptoms. Inspired by the latest research on cutaneous nervous system and the discovery of plant ingredients able to decrease cortisol by up to 80% or raise 4-times the level of beta-endorphin in skin, we filled our proprietary formulations with neuroactive ingredients. Their clinically proven performance slows down accelerated aging in skin cells caused by stress and chronic inflammation, as well as increases tissue regeneration through the release of beta-endorphin and other neurotransmitters.

If the cosmetic is well formulated, contains not only neuroactive but plenty of other powerful active ingredients in the form of the smallest particles that can be transferred deep inside the skin, we have a winning solution – something that really makes a difference. Something that was and will be at the core of LAST approach.

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Last cosmetics rejuvenate, strengthen and protect your skin with care for nature and the environment

Max <em>active</em> INGREDIENTS


We limit the usage of water, avoid fillers, silicones and other unnecessary ingredients to give you only what your skin really needs, in maximum quantities

All <em>natural</em>

All natural

We use only pure raw materials approved by either ECOCERT or COSMOS and follow their rules for the certification of natural cosmetics

<em>Vegan</em> powerful plant extracts

Vegan powerful plant extracts

We use natural resin and plant extracts, cold pressed oils and pure essential oils – everything the flora has best to offer, with a medically proven positive impact on skin

<em>Cruelty free</em> Cosmetics

Cruelty free Cosmetics

Our cosmetics were not and will never be tested on animals. We don’t use ingredients tested on animals or sourced from animals

<em>Biophotonic</em> Refillable bottles

Biophotonic Refillable bottles

LAST cosmetics are closed in biophotonic, violet glass to protect the plant extracts from harmful effects of light. All of our bottles are reusable and refillable

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