Francesca Ruffini. Time well spent.

A day with her takes you out of the ordinary. Not just because of the breathtaking Como landscapes and the way she arranged her life there, but primarily due to the full, uninterrupted attention she gives you, her curiosity and wisdom. The simplest things – that are the most precious. Sit down with your afternoon …

Neuroscience of touch | LAST skincare | Journal

Neuroscience of touch

Caressing, stroking, massaging, tickling, hugging… Strangely open as it sounds, I love to experience touch. Its different forms help me to wind down, relieve negative emotions, restore inner balance or evoke pleasure. However, it only happens when the toucher is someone I approve. If any sensory cues, including the visual, olfactory or environmental ones, remind …

Longevity practices | LAST skincare journal, skincare, antiaging, serum, neurocosmetics

Live long and prosper – a complete guide to longevity practices

„I want to be forever young”. I bet you remember the song. How would you answer the question that follows this catchy declaration? „Do you really want to live forever?” Being old, tired and sick is a no. Being mature and healthy is a yes. How to age accordingly to the second option? With longevity practices!

How olfactory experience of skincare influences the skin

My memories are strongly connected to the sense of smell. The scent of perfume my mom used to use 30 years ago brings me back straight to my childhood, the one of elderberry reminds me of my grandmother’s garden where I used to play during almost every summer vacation. My mind is filled with olfactory memories just like air is filled with odor molecules. They’re both invisible for the eye and yet have a major impact on how I feel.

Temperature of health - the benefits of hot and cold therapy

Temperature of health – the benefits of hot and cold therapy

„You’re hot and you’re cold, you’re yes and you’re no” – the lyrics of Katy Perry’s song were the first thing that came to my mind when I started thinking about hot and cold therapies. Why does manipulating the temperature of water and air have such powerful impact on health? And why does the vision of going for thermal extremes, despite the very long list of benefits for both physical and mental health, polarize even the most dedicated wellness followers? I immerse in the depths of human physiology and psychology to find the answers.

Overtraining, over-dieting, overthinking – how much self-care is enough?

Overtraining, over-dieting, overthinking – how much self-care is enough?

If you could choose, how long would you be willing to wait for the results of your efforts? Probably not that long, am I right? When we want things, we want them fast and long-lasting. The urge of achievement often triggers us to pushing, reducing, repeating, refusing, obsessing over and over again and paradoxically doesn’t take us even a single step closer  to health, balance and happiness. Effects of misinterpreted self-care can do us a lot of harm, and the only thing they have in common with the dream results is that unfortunately they can last very long. 

When the stress shows

When the stress shows

Misfortunes never come singly. Is that why my skin tends to get bad every time a major stress kicks in to my life? I think the reason might be a bit more complex than the accuracy of this old proverb but it’s hard not to notice the regularity. Even if I try to eat well, sleep enough and pay attention to my everyday beauty routine, stress always shows And demonstrates the victory on the surface of my skin. The good news is that if there is a pattern, there must be a way to break it. 

All the faces of aging

My birthday is coming soon. I don’t really pay much attention to it and I don’t mind putting +1 to my lifespan. But I do mind when I have to put -1 to the quality of my skin, and the visible changes on its surface are the main reminder of the passing of time. To celebrate my  upcoming day in a productive way, I’m trying to figure out if and how my skin can keep a satisfying score, despite getting older. 

Well-being on the go | LAST journal

Well-being on the go

Being a creature of habits is one of the best things that can happen to you if you pick the right ones. And if you will stick to them no matter what. How not to have a self-care time off during time off? 

Sun's out, should I be out? | LAST Journal

Sun’s out, should I be out?

Sun makes me feel very close to nature, almost flower-like. When it shines, it makes my body and mind bloom. I feel energized, optimistic and way more fun. When it doesn’t, I want to hibernate in bed to avoid wilting. But unlike flowers, I have common sense. And it makes me think twice before I indulge in sunbathing off limits.

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